Sunday, March 10, 2013

carsons birthday shoot


I still cant believe my baby is one!!! Its incredible how fast time goes. especialy ( at least to me) this is the most cherished time of my life. babyhood is the shortest stage they will go through and I can honestly say I have enjoyed and soaked in every minute of it. no regrets (except why didnt I do a smash cake session with avery?!?! ugh probebly because I was misrabley sick and pregnant at the time!!)

I dont have ANY pictures with my children it makes me so sad! I know some day me and the kids will want to look back on them I know I love seeing pictures of me mom from the 80's!!
these pictures where not in my plan. other wise I would of worn something much cuter and matt wouldnt of been wearing work out pants. Regardless of the clothing I still love these pictures I believe imperfections make a picture beautiful. pictures are suppose to tell the story of our lives, and reading a story about a perfect life would not be very intresting!

carson is a texas sized kid ( weights more than his sister who he is 18 months younger than!!) he walked at 9 months crawled at 4 months and has been rolling over since birth. he has followed in his sisters mile stones step for step they are like the same exact child just one is a boy and one is a girl!

when deciding on what to do for carsons 1 year shoot I poured over pictures on pintrest since he was about 3 months old ha, its the truth! I wanted to stay true to my photography esthetic, which is real natural light photography. I like alot of natural textures in my photography and love natural expressions nothing to posey. (is posey a word?? it is now!)
I have been on the hunt for a vintage wood high chair. I have run in to alot of them mostly all have been over 50 dollars ( which is more than I wanted to spend), havent been the right style, or simply was not safe for a baby to sit in! I was getting close to carsons birthday and started calling around to thrift stores and found one in huntsville, tx and the women described this high chair to me, very sturdy with a locking removing trey in a windsor style for the right price! I couldnt get there fast enough!! its painted in anne sloanes old white and sealed with natural beeswax since carson will be eating on it. I will be keeping this high chair for the grankids , its that special!

I also snagged some pictures of avery while we were out there. I was not planning on photographing her so she is just in what she wears every day dress up necklace and all!

this balloon was for carsons high chair but it was soo windy out I nixed that and I just love how the red playes up the red flowers in averys matilda jane dress. this dress is me and averys favorite its so simple and soft and pretty she wears it like twice a week!!
i just love these kids!!

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